About Me

My name is Dave Rei Martins, a religion researcher and Quantum Physics speaker. Currently, I work as a Reiki Master and Metaphysics lecturer in London, UK.

In the fields of research in spirituality and mysticism, my story has started in a time I can no longer remember of. Two decades of attending to mysticism centres, pagan religion temples and having the most extraordinaire lessons with countless icons in terms of metaphysics, I decided I had to merge my soul knowledge with an academic background, so I could share with the world a bridge I can finally say there is between the spiritual world and Science.
In 2019 my first book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic, a work on the science behind magic and spiritual phenomena was launched and ever since I have been sharing years of research with thousands of people.

I have been honoured in Astrophysics and Cosmology by the Australian National University, and I have under my belt a diploma in Neuropsychology.