Psychologist or Spiritual Therapist

The emotional hindrances we face today may be the result of traumas acquired in our childhood or simply traumatic episodes throughout a whole life.
So, why do some people seek spiritual therapies when the problem can be explained by a psychologist?
One of the keys to understanding an emotional disturbance is to verify the root – the starting point – that caused the emotional imbalance to occur.
In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic I explain that we are a combination of factors, and that all of those factors see eye to eye with one another. We are what we speak, we are what we eat, we are what we think, we are our genetic code, we are our zodiac star sign, we are life events we been through and the list goes on. And again, all of these reasons are true and they agree with each other, better! – they complement each other.

But let’s answer the question: Why do people seek spiritual therapies (or spiritual rituals) to fix emotions that might have been generated by their lifestyle, DNA or childhood traumas?
We are, in a physical way, the ultimate reflection of our spirit and everything it acquired in previous lives.
We are the physical manifestation of part of our conciousness, so it is logical that our earthly habits, genes and event patters will justify the escence of our spirit. We come into this time-space-reality to a body that matches our escence, and we will perform the emotional patterns our spirit used to in another life. We will also put ourselves in situations that mirror what a past-life trauma did, as again, we bring the same imbalanced model we experienced in previous lives.
Not all emotional problems we have today are native of a previous life, however, I need to point that we will REPEAT the patters from a previous life, so even though you might have started an arduos habit or was born with less serotonin receptors, remember that your body was the perfect match to the very escence your spirit had.
Fixing the root cause – that primary emotional incident – will reverberate in a domino effect, helping your current life find relief and more importantly, emotional balance.
Tools? Past life regression, apometry, theta healing, NLP…

The Numbers of our Names

Each spoken number (as well as each word or name) has a sound vibration and a minuscule negative mass, which when heard, triggers a type of brain activity in certain areas of the human personality.

The vibrational (and sound) principle of an emanated number or word is configured by the consciousness. The consciousness thinks and this electrical energy passes to the mind in the perispirit. This virtual body then sends the wave thought to the pineal gland, so this holographic wave resonates with the apatite crystals present in the gland, which has its distinct crystal arrangements. These crystal convert the wave to the wavelength that the brain reads through the synapses of neurons. Neural networks send the (diminished) wave to a language processor called the Wernicke Area, which computes the information, redirects it to the prefrontal lobe, brings it back to the Wernicke Core, and it shapes the word into the motor system.

The word is spoken and spreads throughout the environment. The listener absorbs that word into their auricle. It runs through the outer ear canal, shakes the eardrum, which causes the anvil to hit the stirrup and a fluid called endolymph, and then enters the labyrinth where there are cilia (which are auditory nerves). That wave, which was electric before it was spoken, is now mechanical. The wave goes to the occipital lobe, then to the processor – which is the Wernicke Core, reaches the prefrontal cortex and we assimilate the wave of words (and spoken numbers).

By listening to, reading, or remembering certain numbers or words and names, we are intrinsically activating areas in our brains responsible for various emotions and behaviors, which have previously been activated with words of the same emotional significance. This because each sound actiivates a different emotion connected to that sound. Dound – according to the brain – is an amalgamation of notes and tones, so each name or general word can be cclassified as a tiny “song” that triggers a certain emotion like a song would do.

Reicanarting again?

Reincarnation is a process where the universe expands itself through souls, whose experiences are gathered via multiple existences in the 3rd dimension.

All of the souls that exist, which includes all complex souls of bugs, bacteria (and even the etheric halos of plants, as well as the electromagnetic fields of stones) comes into a time-space reality which helps them evolve as higher consciousnesses. “Evolving” in this case means acquiring information, dominating primitive senses intellectually and more importantly – learning to love – which means treating themselves and others with compassion, care and gratitude.
Not all souls nor a complex electromagnetic field needs reaching that stage in one life-time. It usually takes millions of years, and it goes pretty much alongside the evolution of species and the metric expansion of the
Let’s understand reincarnation as a mobile sim card (or an internet cloud account) that you still keep even though you are changing the physical device.
In many kingdoms reincarnation happens spontaneously, whereas in the human one it occurs depending on self will and affinity. The souls choose to reincarnate, as they desire to expand their abilities to penetrate different parts of the universe as well as to generally “feel” better – since the hindering of the expansion of the universe causes a type natural friction in someone’s existence.
Reincarnation is not an infinite process, which means once certain degree of expansion is reached, the soul may choose to remain in the astral world minding other affairs such as learning, helping spirits and/or mentoring incarnated souls. .

Metaphysics of Pumpkins

We all know that pumpkins are used to make jack o’lanterns at Halloween. We also know that according to Irish myth, people would carve demonic faces in turnips to frighten away Stingy Jack – a man who tricked the devil and then was denied entry in to both hell and heaven, and thus was sentenced to roam the Earth forevermore.

Originally, in Ireland, where Halloween in fact has its origins and is called Samhain (sow-in) in Irish Gaelic – meaning ‘summer’s end’ – the Celtic new year; turnips were in fact used to create such aforementioned lanterns, not pumpkins. The tradition soon reached the American continent – where pumpkins are native to – and eventually became the biggest symbol of halloween that we internationally recognise today.

Now, let’s just assume these myths were based upon warding off general evil – why would the pumpkin become such a massive metaphysical protective tool?
In afro-Brazilian native myths, Oya escaped from her enemies after hiding amongst a pumpkin crop, which fooled her counterparts. Oya, then overwhelmed by gratitude, decided to never eat pumpkins again.

Behind all myths lie a real metaphysical explanation. Myths are ways of passing on knowledge.

Pumpkins are energetically associated with lack of direction and confusion. Their frequency could confuse people’s (or spirits) minds when they find themselves in a vibrational state of focusing in one single direction in order to achieve something.
Pumpkins are great for spreading thoughts of creativity too, but it may likewise have its negative powers activated when used in the wrong way or by a person in the state we have just mentioned.

Could one culture’s myth explain the other? How come two very different cultures manage to believe pumpkins are of great way of tricking bad spirits?

Do you self-sabotage?

Self sabotage is when we are about to achieve something or change for better and then a contrary thought/emotion/action drives us away from the possibility of growth.

Self-sabotage is a defence tool produced by our brains.

An example could be a worker, who is about to get a promotion (and who is aware of that) and then misconduct or suddenly quits after a petty reason.

Ultimately, self-sabotage is a protection tool generated in the brain, as the brain makes sure we don’t “move on” – which would consequently put our current comfort zone in risk. In other words, our brain is trying to defend us from danger of the “unknown” and very likely from dying (all according to neuropsychology!).

So instead of guessing that your self-sabotage is something that you have to avoid “doing”, exterminate from your life or keep on policing yourself all the time, understand why is your brain using such (protective) tool.

Why is your brain trying to keep you from moving to the next step?

If you get that job promotion, do you think you would have to work more, thus risking your ability to relax more?

Is your professional growth likely to bring in more worry on how to balance personal life and work life?

Is the destruction of an early relationship going to save you from being abandoned again?

Is loosing your mobile phone preventing you from speaking to someone you don’t want to?

Heal the cause that is activating your self-sabotage. And remember that self-sabotage is an unconscious protective tool.


Graveyards are places where etheric decantation happens. The spread of dense electromagnetic fields from disembodiments and sorrow, heavy in antimatter and quantum particles with distorted spins floods the soil and atmosphere, so caution is necessary before entering these premises. It is not about haunting or spirits, it is about subtle matter with reverse polarity affecting your electromagnetic field.

Places carry their own type of electromagnetic frequency.

A safe way of entering a cemetery is by imagining a strong purple light around you – as this would anchor one’s polarities. Additionally, asking the cemetery’s “invisible guardian” for permission is a great way of having a extra layer of protection from antiparticles.

Are there such thing as aliens or ETs?

There certainly are. However, I am not talking about microbe sized beings living in those planets where there might be traces of water or an Earth-like atmosphere. I’m referring to consciousnesses whose physical bodies are so subtle that they cannot be perceived by our naked eyes.

Have you tried looking at the Earth’s magnetosphere? Surely it wasn’t very easy for your eyes, unless you were in the north pole during winter. Have you tried seeing someone’s aura? If you are a medium or even if you meditate on a regular basis, you may see a thin, translucent wave, like those when the heat makes the horizon look like it’s water rocking.

Some “extra terrestrials” do dwell in bodies of such nature, and most of them – at least in this galaxy – in much lighter bodies. The frequency in which they live is different of the one we experience in this planet, so a dense physical body, with animal instincts is not of use for more evolved creatures.

Many other consciousnesses do live in lower frequencies than the one of the Earth, and their physical size and appearance can be paralleled with the ones of viruses, bacteria and other beings in far away galaxies.