Animals: soul, karma and reincarnation

In recent decades, spiritualist literature has little questioned whether in the astral world the souls of animals performed some function beyond merely incarnating and disincarnating successively.
From the little that was researched, much about it was also reduced to “evolving brothers” or even the weak approach to a certain spiritual “energy” that may animate their bodies.
Although ancient cultures such as Hindu and Egyptian argued that people could reincarnate as certain animals, or that gods carried the form of a dog, bull or eagle, or even if such an animal was sacred, they did not thoroughly examine the real importance of the species from a fraternal point of view. All connotations to animal spirituality have always been related to humans and for their own sake. So, let’s briefly talk about the soul and karma focusing on the animal kingdom as a whole.

The evolution of the soul of animals occurs proportionally to the “evolution of species”, where a given species undergoes adaptive mutations, sophisticating their bodies and senses. It should be noted that the same process has happened and will continue to happen to humans.
For example, the spirit of a frog, whose anatomic origin is identical to that of humanoid spirits, needs the evolution of their physical bodies so that spiritual expansion may happen, allowing him to eventually make his own choices and develop the sense of empathy and transcendence.

In the case of animals, karma is actually the action that leads them to expand their consciousness (spirits) through physical experiences and, on many occasions, through physical pain (which also affects humans).

The karmic reasons for the pain that animals go through in their evolutions do not justify, from a spiritual point of view, that humans cause them any harm.
All animals are incarnated spirits, developing the intelligent principle, thus following the same path that humans have been following for thousands of years. Just like humans, who have reached the hominal scale, so will all of the animals. They will not necessarily be humans as we are today, but one day all animals, both dogs and crocodiles, both cats and bees, will be incarnating in the hominal kingdom. Either on this planet or on others. (hominal, in this case, refers to the intellect, not “mankind”).
Although hominal, many humans use such intellectual capacity to satisfy their egos. Thus, the karmic responsibility that humans assume by interfering violently and exploitatively in animal lives is tremendous. They then carry for themselves the weight of moral deviations and the lack of love, which, once not acquired through kindness, must be acquired through the forced purge of these nefarious actions. This purge is also known as “suffering”. In other words, humans who cause animal suffering will inevitably suffer too.
The suffering and pain of animals, which in some way can contribute to the expansion of their consciences, is not dependent on human actions. In other words, humans will not help animals evolve by causing them physical suffering, but rather they will increase their own karmas.
And finally, the free will of humans, unfortunately, causes animals pains incompatible with the experiences and time of evolution that they need to experience on the evolutionary path. There are no universal or divine laws that validate such suffering to animals. All perversity against this species is the fruit of human selfishness.

Regarding reincarnation, by comparing a dog’s body and consciousness to a human’s, we can understand that the consciousnesses they have in their time in evolution are proportional to each physical body their consciousness comes to inhabit and develop in the third dimension.

The consciousness of the dog will not be able to inhabit a human body, because the expansion of human consciousness is the one who generates such a body. Similarly, the consciousness that inhabited a human body cannot inhabit the body of a dog, because the body of the animal does not have the properties necessary to express the consciousness of the humanoid spirit. This is because the structural composition of the human body – glands, organs, brain functions and the existence of a thick layer of the neocortex is physiologically more complex than that of the dog. It would be like installing a cell phone software on a laptop.

Heal Your Physical Heart

Hint: earth and soil.

Healing your physical heart, yes, the physical organ, has a lot to do with love itself.

You may have heard of heart conditions such as angina, arrhythmia, tachycardia, etc… but, through the lens of metaphysics, we can spot WHAT and WHERE in the heart it is happening precisely.

Our hearts are made up of a series of compartments and tissues, such as the heart chambers, where the blood passes from one to another. The heart muscles, such as the myocardium, which contracts so the blood can be pumped. Heart valves, arteries and veins. The heart’s electrical system, which controls its heartbeats rhythm and the heart linings, or its membranes if you may.

 According to metaphysics, health metaphysics consists of a self-help resource, which determines that many of the illnesses experienced by people result from certain patterns of behavior and thinking. The metaphysics of health is not a matter of divination but is the result of studies, observation and research to designate diseases caused by emotional imbalances.
Just as physics deals with the laws that govern the physical world (such as those of gravity or the properties of waves), metaphysics describes what is beyond physics — the nature and origin of reality itself, the immortal soul, and the existence of a supreme being. 

In my book “The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic” I endeavored to explain how our thoughts and emotions travel through the nervous system and etheric energy meridians until they reach our organs, affecting them negatively and positively. 

 Our physical hearts are located in a region where the centre-point of giving-receiving love is, and according to the currents of vital force – i.e. Reiki, Acupuncture, Feng Shui, etc, the quality of etheric fluids being directed to the heart may influence its health.
The inability to donate or hold love can be mirrored with the inability of a heart chamber to receive and give blood. The inability to physically be near people who you had a feud with can be mirrored with the inability of a heart muscle to contract or relax so blood can pass through. The hardness of a heart’s valve, arteries and veins can be mirrored with the hardness of thoughts, caused by self-righteous emotions against others. The inability or lack of response of the heart’s electric system, which fires the chambers and muscles of our hearts can be mirrored with the inability of us to be moved by love, passively and actively. Did you smile at that baby? Did you stroke that dog when it came to you in the park? Did you tell your mum you were proud of her?

Now, let’s get physical!
Apart from revisiting those emotions and healing them, try to get your bare feet and palms on the soil. Yes, the beloved earth!
Drinking from the fountain of my latest book, again, I will finally explain how getting -literally – in touch with the earth can help your heart. Not only its electric system’s but most of those other issues. 
But before I continue, let me remind you, dear reader, that the doctors should always be sought for help if you experience any discomfort or pain in your chest area, as at this stage, the malady is already in the physical body – and the physical body needs the attention of a doctor. 
Ah, and remember that a healthy lifestyle which includes, fruits, greens, plenty of water, sleep and laughter are essential for the maintenance of a healthy heart.

So, it turns out walking barefoot on earth helps the electric system of the heart! How? Here’s a glimpse of the process extracted from my book:

“The cleansing or energising through telluric processes is based on the ionisation of the molecules of the physical bodies. Ionisation is the process by which an atom or molecule acquires a negative or positive charge, gaining or losing electrons, often in conjunction with other chemical changes. The electrons present in the earth are usually in much larger quantity per cm³ than the electrons in our body, so the transfer of electrons we experience when walking barefoot or touching the earth/soil is invigorating for the aura – the more ‘electrons, the thicker the electromagnetic field of the individual…”

“…Its electric system means that it is some sort of small brain, in a network of nerves and neurotransmitters similar to those found in the brain, which work to detect patterns in the body and warn the brain. The heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the human body, about 4 metres in diameter. According to researchers, this electromagnetic field is affected by the electromagnetic field of other people, the earth, the animals, plants and even those of planets.”

The electrical system of our hearts is the main controller of how the chambers and muscles will work. Also, it regulates the strength of the valves and the membrane’s behaviour.
Having a balanced amount of charged electrons is imperative for the health of the heart’s electric system.
So apart from walking barefoot on soil, gardening without gloves is another way of balacing up your heart’s main generator – electricity. The chambers, muscles, valves and membrane will all thank you.

Is Spiritual Energy the same thing as energy in Physics?

According to physics, energy is a property that must be transferred to an object to perform work on, or to heat the object. Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. But is that the energy we are all talking about when we mean something spiritual or metaphysical?

They might not be so different, however we may be using the wrong terminology.

Ok, electric energy! We know that atoms are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. So electrical energy is formed when electrical and magnetic forces move electrons from one atom to another. Simply put, a turbine spins magnets surrounded by copper wire, the flow of electrons across atoms generates electricity. So I suppose that the “energy of that spell” has little to do with electricity. 

What about magnetic energy? Well, every electrical current has associated with it a magnetic field and every changing magnetic field creates its own electrical current. So both energies are like, really similar to each other. 

Now, ionization is the potential energy that binds an electron to its atom or molecule. As in atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons.

Nuclear is the potential energy that binds protons and neutrons to form the atomic nucleus. 

Radiant energy, including light, is made up of photons, In physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not. The absorbed energy of the electromagnetic waves is called a photon, which is a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. It is the basic unit of all light. Photons are always in motion and, in a vacuum, travel at a constant speed to all observers of 2.998 x 108 m/s. This is commonly referred to as the speed of light. 

So, is light this the energy we all refer to? Well, kind of… but…

In cosmology and astronomy, the phenomena of stars, nova, supernova, quasars and gamma-ray bursts are the universe’s highest-output energy transformations of matter, but again, that energy is just the result of elements and particles clashing or getting together. 

But now, let’s compare with that supernatural “stuff” we call energy.

Dimension is really what separates the energy in Physics from the energy in spirituality.  The third dimension, which is the dimension that Physics studies, will explore the physical matter, large elements and particles. Physics works, for the layman, as a breaking down of matter. Matter into molecules, molecules into atoms, atoms into nucleus and electrons. And that’s about it really (albeit Quantum Physics dedicates a great deal of itself to other dimensions).

Other subtle dimensions work with those “energies” we talk about. Those energies are not necessarily generated in the same way they normally are in the third dimension, so bear in mind they might not act or behave like third dimension’s energies.

Energy, plasma, balms, light. They all exist in subtle dimensions, like those of spirits, and the astral world in general, however, they are made up vibration. Yep, mostly vibration! What could potentially tell apart the vibration of a crystal from the vibration of “that place” is the frequency in which vibration oscillates.

The quantum vacuum is a field where there is neither mass nor energy; only information in the state of vibration. By the way, these vibrational waves of the quantum vacuum change frequency so the Higgs boson can emerge. The bosons is the particle which gives mass to all other particles in the universe (in the third dimension).

 In other words, since the quantum vacuum has the least possible energy, usually without the slightest particle, we think that the information from another dimension is the one that “materialises” all these bosons with a predefined structure – so they will become quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules of the entire chemical table, as well as cells, objects, buildings, mountains, planets, etc. So perhaps we are mistaking energy for vibration when referring to the astral realm.

In a nutshell, your crystal, your place and your spell have a vibration, and the frequency of their vibration will dictate whether or not those will materialise into something “good” or “bad” in the dimension your physical body dwells – the third.

In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic I go deeper with regards to energy. What are they made of? How can we manipulate them? All spiritual themes based on astrophysics, quantum physics and neuropsychology.

Coronavirus: The Metaphysical Explanation

In the last few weeks, the world has experienced an epidemy of a new type of flu virus. Apart from all the scientific data and how and why that particular virus is spreading all over the world, I will suggest the reader to follow me on identifying the spiritual reasons for such a terrifying event. I will also keep myself short, as this subject would produce material for a whole book.

The planet is currently going through a major frequency shift. This shift of frequency goes along with the wobbly movement of the equinoxes, which every 2160 years causes the Earth to perceive the Sun standing before a different constellation.
In the past astrological era, Pisces, the world was too interested in patriarchal religions, hierarchies, illusion, submission, and individual needs, which have made us a society focused on greed and lies. On many times, these would emerge in the form of prejudice and the urge of one to have enemies.
The world now needs to change, and the frequency of Aquarius needs to replace that of Pisces. For that to happen, the collective-minds should adapt to a new reality. The time is of transition, we are neither in Pisces nor in Aquarius, we are on a bridge between the two eras. We can still feel Pisces, but we know Aquarius is approaching – in large strides.
But… what about the flu? We, as a society, are used to thinking “them people”. A typical separation of us from the others who suffer. We are used to seeing every other person as a distant being. Better, a distant number. How many people died in such a catastrophe in Malaysia? How many people died in the war in Syria? How many people are dying from the flu in China?

This virus emerged to demonstrate that people are not separated. That we are more linked than we were made believe.
The exodus from Syria to Europe? Maybe the locals will shift their minds when it comes to ignoring wars happening in other countries. Fires consuming the Amazon? Maybe the locals will shift their minds with regards to animal agriculture as something sustainable. Fires destroying a big chunk of Australia? Maybe the locals will shift their minds regarding global warming. Venice flooded? Maybe the locals will encourage their government to adopt environmentally friendly growth. Flu in China? Maybe the locals and the citizens of every other country where the virus spreads to will finally realize people are all connected. And if that virus can spread everywhere from one person, imagine if the same would happen with an emotion, like anger, or perhaps love.

Just so we all know, that epidemy is soon going to be curbed and the world will see itself free from it, however, a lesson which is not learned tends to come back again.
Every systemic occurrence happening in the world is coming to make our minds shift, our paradigm shift. Even if it is about a small shift. That small shift is enough to make the Earth a new planet of regeneration – ready to embrace the era of Aquarius.

How emotions go from brain patterns to physical disease?

Meridians are the channels where the ‘chi’ or ‘vital energy’ travel through. The chakras are the centre-points that puts these etheric fluids in movement. Understanding how diseases emerge in the brain (thought and emotion) may help us identify where the vital energy is lacking or maybe where it is clogged up.

Nervous system connects all teeth to the brain.

If we study our body’s nervous system we will find out that every organ, every tissue and every other of our biological systems are connected to our brain. The nervous system is like a network that relays messages back and forth from the brain to different parts of the body.

Our brains do this via the spinal cord, which spans from the brain down through our back. It contains threadlike nerves that branch out to every organ.

Well, in our brains we can also find several regions responsible for every particular emotion (not just that big territory called “limbic system”, which is a very general name. Talking about limbic system when we want to talk about a very particular emotion is like saying “Europe” when we want to emphasise “Paris”).

The limbic system deals with emotions and memory. It also reinforces behaviour.

In psychology 6 main emotions are said to be the main ones, whereas other emotions are branches or combinations of those six.

For instance, fear activates the bilateral amygdala, the hypothalamus and areas of the left frontal cortex. This involves thinking (frontal cortex), a “gut” feeling (amygdala) and a sense of urgency typically associated with survival (the hypothalamus.)

So when you feel an emotion, the specific parts of the brain responsible for that emotion are activated.

When a message comes into the brain from anywhere in the body (or from the brain itself – in the case of an physiologic emotion-response) the brain tells the body how to react. For example, if you touch a hot pan, the nerves in your skin send a message of pain to your brain. Your brain then sends a message back telling the muscles in your hand to pull away. Luckily, this neurological relay race happens in an instant.

But what happens when the pain is not physical, but emotional? What is the brain going to do to get you to make that pain stop?

The specific, microscopic region of your brain which is responding to a certain emotion is also directly connected to, say, your liver. Yes! Remember that every organ is connected to the brain? Not only the voluntary reactions are going to have an answer, the involuntary ones will also be addressed by your brain!

So… that area of our brain where a certain emotion promotes a reaction is the same area that connects directly to, say, your liver! Bang!

Similar paths are taken by vital, etheric energies – which is a current of (mostly) neutrinos and bosons.

Let’s say your liver has a problem. How can we spot the root cause of that problem? I said root, primary cause!

Let’s travel via the meridians (or nerve links if you prefer) and get to the other end of the line, that particular part of the brain. We are going to find out what types of emotions that particular part of your brain has been activated to whenever you have that particular emotion. BINGO!

Now we can trace the metaphysical reason for that disease, can’t we?

Let’s come back to the meridians now.

The meridians will definitively redirect those emotions (activated in the brain) and carry them to your liver (the other end of the line). Your liver will start behaving accordingly to what your brain is saying. Have you been too angry? Have you been too submissive? Well, your liver will know… because so does your brain – which is the other end of the line.

Meridians are “rivers” transporting etheric fluids in a current-like. So, next time you experience an illness, ask your brain what emotions caused them. And next time you have an emotion, ask your brain where is that emotion going to hit next.

Psychologist or Spiritual Therapist

The emotional hindrances we face today may be the result of traumas acquired in our childhood or simply traumatic episodes throughout a whole life.
So, why do some people seek spiritual therapies when the problem can be explained by a psychologist?
One of the keys to understanding an emotional disturbance is to verify the root – the starting point – that caused the emotional imbalance to occur.
In my book The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic I explain that we are a combination of factors, and that all of those factors see eye to eye with one another. We are what we speak, we are what we eat, we are what we think, we are our genetic code, we are our zodiac star sign, we are life events we been through and the list goes on. And again, all of these reasons are true and they agree with each other, better! – they complement each other.

But let’s answer the question: Why do people seek spiritual therapies (or spiritual rituals) to fix emotions that might have been generated by their lifestyle, DNA or childhood traumas?
We are, in a physical way, the ultimate reflection of our spirit and everything it acquired in previous lives.
We are the physical manifestation of part of our conciousness, so it is logical that our earthly habits, genes and event patters will justify the escence of our spirit. We come into this time-space-reality to a body that matches our escence, and we will perform the emotional patterns our spirit used to in another life. We will also put ourselves in situations that mirror what a past-life trauma did, as again, we bring the same imbalanced model we experienced in previous lives.
Not all emotional problems we have today are native of a previous life, however, I need to point that we will REPEAT the patters from a previous life, so even though you might have started an arduos habit or was born with less serotonin receptors, remember that your body was the perfect match to the very escence your spirit had.
Fixing the root cause – that primary emotional incident – will reverberate in a domino effect, helping your current life find relief and more importantly, emotional balance.
Tools? Past life regression, apometry, theta healing, NLP…

The Numbers of our Names

Each spoken number (as well as each word or name) has a sound vibration and a minuscule negative mass, which when heard, triggers a type of brain activity in certain areas of the human personality.

The vibrational (and sound) principle of an emanated number or word is configured by the consciousness. The consciousness thinks and this electrical energy passes to the mind in the perispirit. This virtual body then sends the wave thought to the pineal gland, so this holographic wave resonates with the apatite crystals present in the gland, which has its distinct crystal arrangements. These crystal convert the wave to the wavelength that the brain reads through the synapses of neurons. Neural networks send the (diminished) wave to a language processor called the Wernicke Area, which computes the information, redirects it to the prefrontal lobe, brings it back to the Wernicke Core, and it shapes the word into the motor system.

The word is spoken and spreads throughout the environment. The listener absorbs that word into their auricle. It runs through the outer ear canal, shakes the eardrum, which causes the anvil to hit the stirrup and a fluid called endolymph, and then enters the labyrinth where there are cilia (which are auditory nerves). That wave, which was electric before it was spoken, is now mechanical. The wave goes to the occipital lobe, then to the processor – which is the Wernicke Core, reaches the prefrontal cortex and we assimilate the wave of words (and spoken numbers).

By listening to, reading, or remembering certain numbers or words and names, we are intrinsically activating areas in our brains responsible for various emotions and behaviors, which have previously been activated with words of the same emotional significance. This because each sound actiivates a different emotion connected to that sound. Dound – according to the brain – is an amalgamation of notes and tones, so each name or general word can be cclassified as a tiny “song” that triggers a certain emotion like a song would do.