Graveyards are places where etheric decantation happens. The spread of dense electromagnetic fields from disembodiments and sorrow, heavy in antimatter and quantum particles with distorted spins floods the soil and atmosphere, so caution is necessary before entering these premises. It is not about haunting or spirits, it is about subtle matter with reverse polarity affecting your electromagnetic field.

Places carry their own type of electromagnetic frequency.

A safe way of entering a cemetery is by imagining a strong purple light around you – as this would anchor one’s polarities. Additionally, asking the cemetery’s “invisible guardian” for permission is a great way of having a extra layer of protection from antiparticles.

Are there such thing as aliens or ETs?

There certainly are. However, I am not talking about microbe sized beings living in those planets where there might be traces of water or an Earth-like atmosphere. I’m referring to consciousnesses whose physical bodies are so subtle that they cannot be perceived by our naked eyes.

Have you tried looking at the Earth’s magnetosphere? Surely it wasn’t very easy for your eyes, unless you were in the north pole during winter. Have you tried seeing someone’s aura? If you are a medium or even if you meditate on a regular basis, you may see a thin, translucent wave, like those when the heat makes the horizon look like it’s water rocking.

Some “extra terrestrials” do dwell in bodies of such nature, and most of them – at least in this galaxy – in much lighter bodies. The frequency in which they live is different of the one we experience in this planet, so a dense physical body, with animal instincts is not of use for more evolved creatures.

Many other consciousnesses do live in lower frequencies than the one of the Earth, and their physical size and appearance can be paralleled with the ones of viruses, bacteria and other beings in far away galaxies.

Do Our Hearts Scientifically Process Emotions?

A team of researchers in California investigated the interaction between the brain and the heart. They found out that there are about 40,000 specialised neurons in the heart, forming a communication network.

It is as if the heart were a small brain, with a network of nerves and neurotransmitters similar to those found in the brain, which work to detect patterns in the body and warn the brain.

The heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the human body, about 4 meters in diameter. According to researchers, this electromagnetic field is affected by the electromagnetic field of other people, the planet Earth, the animals and plants and even those of other planets.

Feelings also affect this neuronal network in the heart. The Sensory Neurites are brain-like cells located in heart. They learn and memorise things independently.

Negative feelings, for instance, are a warning that the heart sends to the brain, decreasing the excretion of some hormones, which in turn affects our immune system. These signals also cause the heart to tell each cell what to do through nerve currents that reach the brain.

The study was based on how thought-triggered emotions affect the heart. The result of the research was accidental, astonishing scientists and opening new doors for us to understand how our can be emotionally affected (and how it affects us).

The so-called coherence of the heart is this communication between the heart and the brain, which occurs through this network of neurones sending characteristic nerve impulses.

What Happens in a Love Binding Spell?

In love binding spells, the centre-point of electromagnetism in the victim’s body is entangled with the spell caster’s through magnetised wires.

Those wires are magnetized with the ionised fermions from both parties. The base of these cords is connected to both of their energy vortices in their navel regions, and in ascending order – pancreas, adrenal glands and gonads – which are the glands that concentrate large electromagnetism. These wires are made up of a diversity of photons, plasma and fermions. However, in this kind of low-frequency magic, these cords are fed with antimatter, in other words, with particles of opposite polarities. The astral cord is strengthened, thus greater bonds are created between the two people (but in a more vicious way than actual love).

In love binding magic, subatomic currents generate modulations in the microtubules of the victim’s neurotransmitters. This change in their brain biochemistry and builds new neurotransmitters. Which in turn moulds an inexplicable addiction to being around the spell caster’s desired individual, whether it be themselves or another person. Thus, this is not necessarily ‘love’.

Serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and especially oxytocin levels are modified during this process, thus determining that a love biding spell is much more physical than conscientious.